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so when i was brushing my teeth this morning i ripped off a bit of my gum and now it hurts?????? 38(


i literally don’t know why the hell people have to go out of their way to make fun of vegetarians. holy fucking shit. why is it that tumblr fucktards will protect every single different type of person with their goddamn lives yet feel the need to seek out vegetarians and vegans and shit on them. i’m a vegetarian. i bet you wouldn’t have guessed until today. because not every fucking vegetarian stuffs it down other peoples’ throats. i follow so many vegetarian people on here and they never mention it. people just go out of their way to find the most obnoxious ones and make them the staple of vegans and vegetarians. 

it’s so hypocritical. so unbelievably hypocritical. why is it not ok to judge some people but perfectly ok to judge others?????? it’s never ok to judge anyone. just accept vegetarians and vegans. they’re posting about their vegan pies and vegetarian turkey. deal with it and go on with your goddamn lives. fucking christ people. it’s not even funny anymore it’s really goddamn annoying. i can take a joke about vegetarians/vegans but when you target blogs that are specifically about veganism that is where it goes too far. it’s like going to a blog dedicated to The Avengers and reblogging everything saying “GOD THIS PERSON TALKS ABOUT THE AVENGERS SOOOOOO MUCH WHAT A WEIRDO”. but also oh god forbid vegetarians/vegans call you blood-mouths. it’s not ok for some vegans/vegetarians to call meat-eaters blood-mouths, but it’s equally not ok to reblog vegan posts on a BLOG THAT IS DEDICATED TO VEGANISM and shit on them. and that’s all there really is to fucking say on the matter.


This being a sperm donor person issue has been haunting my mind more and more and I’ll just randomly cry because I feel so fucking alone and im too embarrassed to talk to anyone because I’ve become ashamed of it almost so I go to this tag to feel less alone and it’s people who KNOW THEIR FATHERS ranting. No. Just stop. Your situation sucks but do not miss-tag shit. It makes the people who really don’t know their fathers feel even more alone than we already did. SO STOP.SKDKSKDSN

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so I am extremely sick and tired of people making fun of those who go to art college saying they’re

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DO NOT TAG “SPERM DONOR” IF YOU’RE NOT THE CHILD OF A FUCKING SPERM DONOR!!! Call your dead beat Dad something else like idk ummm “Dead beat”, “Dead beat Dad”? Seriously, I empathise with people who have crap dads but don’t clog up the sperm donor tag for those of us who are children of sperm donors, it makes it 1000X harder to find people who I can actually connect with, talk with, share things with, and try to find more of my biological family with. You could at least call your dead beat dad by his name or something, as we donor offspring don’t have the opprotunity to do that.


Seriously, you people need to stop.



I was just walking down Main street with one of my roommates after an awesome happy hour, and some drunk “townies” (she called them later) said us (…me) as we walked by, “Hey, this dude’s got nice titties!” Followed by a chorus of “Ni hao ma”s.

Are you serious? Did you really just manage to cram…

that’s actually kind of surprising to hear (not saying you’re lying or anything of course). but i’ve lived in Newark my entire life. I’m not white, have had piercings, even walk around with my girlfriend hand and hand down Main Street, and I haven’t had anything rude like that happen to me. even in the past where i was like a “goth” and looked like a freak 24/7 no one really gave me any second glances. Actually i’ve always thought of newark as the only place i’ve encountered where people aren’t as judgmental about things. I dunno. 

but wowe sorry for that incident. i could only guess that they were UD jock morons